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Our team at HMHS offer fully comprehensive Vertical Storage Lift and Carousel Relocation services. We work together with your company as...

a seamless partner for your machine's total care; from installation and maintenance, to relocations.

Each relocation project we commit to is individually managed by one of our project managers.  We ensure a smooth and complete move, no matter the size. Capable of managing the contents of the machine during the endeavour...

we know you can relax leaving all your relocation needs in our hands.

To begin the process, we inspect all machine components. When necessary we may suggest options to modify, refurbish, and upgrade your equipment. Upon completion of the total relocation process,

we warranty our workmanship...

Not only this, we are available around the clock if you have a problem.

Each year we relocate a wide range of Vertical Carousels and Vertical Storage Lift. Our engineers work with brands including, but not limited to : Bertello, Electrolux, Hanel, Kardex Carousels, Kardex Shuttle, Linpic, Linvar, LogiMat, Megamat, MegaLift. 

If you are planning to consolidate operations into a single facility, relocate your business, or acquire additional Automated Storage Equipment, we look forward to being your total care partner.

Our hundreds of satisfied clients are located throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and across the map.

A selection of our clients are featured on the CLIENT page, please feel free to take a look. 

We pride ourselves on working in close harmony with each client to achieve the most efficient deadlines and practical budgets possible.

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