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1_ikea-logo.jpgHow the storage revolution started

When IKEA Edinburgh looked for a new solution to efficiently develop logistics for their warehouse kitchen stocks, they did not imagine how revolutionary this project would become.

Our innovative solution for IKEA

Initially, IKEA needed a solution providing a direct flow of stock with reduced handling operations and reduced order picking time, while retaining control of stock. None of the pallet storage solutions researched could achieve the project goals. Tornado Storage Solutions was invited to investigate and recommended a solution that achieved the project requirements.

The successful installation of Tornado at IKEA

After a detailed onsite survey and analysis, we came up with a solution customised to IKEA Edinburgh’s requirements: 2 Tornado® covering a combined floor area of 27 m2 and storing the equivalent of 115 pallet positions.

Four months after installing the Tornado® solutions a 100% direct flow of stock was achieved along with a 50% reduction of pick times and a 98% stock accuracy. The direct flow of stock meant less handling and reduced damages. A quicker fulfilment of order completion also gave the added bonus of less or no waiting time for customers collecting their orders.

Our partnership with IKEA

Herts Mechanical now equip IKEA warehouses throughout the world with smart solutions and proudly develop its technology to answer IKEA’s ever growing and changing requirements.


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