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Conveyor Belt Repair

Needing to repair or replace parts on your conveyor belt system? HMHS is just one phone call to solve your problem.

Our team is able to adjust tracking, remove pieces of belt to shorten or lengthen as well as vulcanise. With 20 years of repairs under our belt we would suggest methodical belt tracking which is very important for longevity of your belt systems. We specialise in incline belts with a tough grip, perfect for transport from one level to the next without product slippage, belts that feed into other machines, transfer belts and accumulation belts that allow your product slip on purpose.

Repairs are available for all types of environments wether in a department store, cinema or electrical stores. We even have experience with the heaviest of belts capable of transporting large amounts of weight as well as the most sanitary of food grade belts.

Send us an enquiry for your next conveyor belt instillation or repair and we promise the most remarkable service you can find.

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