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Facility Management & Resident Engineers

Perhaps your site requires multiple resident engineers.

Herts Mechanical is proud to have ongoing contracts with companies such a Levis Strauss & Co where 4-6 qualified engineers are stationed on a regular basis.

A company such as Levi's can then focus 100% of their attention on what they do best, leaving the machine's total care in our capable hands.

We understand that for many companies organising an engineering staff is not always the best allocation of their resources.

Why not refocus your company's energy on productivity and eliminate the stress of machine maintenance?

Our LOLER qualified team guarantee that your production lines run efficiently, while your equipment receives the best care possible.

Are holidays and emergencies leaving you short staffed? Give Herts Mechanical Handling Services a call. We can supply engineers on your site in merely several hours' notice. 

Your company relies on efficiently running machines. Don't hesitate to use the best care possible. No job is too large or too small for our multi skilled team.

What can your facility expect from sourcing an engineering staff through HMHS? 

  • Peace of Mind
  • Total Machine Maintenance
  • Zero Aggravation
  • 24/7 Support
Machine Relocation / Modification
Carousels / Cranes
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