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Steel Fabrications

HMHS assumes the responsibility involved to take on high risk situations such as the fabrication and installation of a main client's distribution centre five crane re-design. When few companies were willing to even discuss the possibility of undertaking a project such as this, we knew we could complete it successfully. Under strict health and safety measures we moved forward on the crane rebuilds, one at a time to keep the plant running while work was underway...

...When other companies were unable to bring a solution to the table, we added a 20 year guarantee to the new carriage designed to replace the old cracked ones, saving the company in excess of half a million pounds.  

As well as highly involved fabrication projects, HMHS regularly creates bespoke items for conveyors, such as legs, suspended conveyor steel works, machine guarding and mezzanine floors. Steel staircases of various heights, levels and at times, very interesting angles are also undertaken to the specifications of the client.

Each project reflects the latest health and safety legislation... always smart in its solution and design.

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