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Warranty and Commissioning


Herts Mechanical Handling Services provide a planned and systematic approach for contracted work. This results in a safe and functional environment, meeting established requirements and client expectations. We formulate and implement all pre-commissioning and commissioning plans.

HMHS engineers inspect installations and run performance tests to ensure that all systems are integrated and working together, per the scope of work agreed. We ensure all necessary permits, licenses and other compliance requirements are in place and assist with compilation, before finally signing-off and handing the final product over to the client.


Herts Mechanical warrant their labor for three months after a visit. Our warranty engineer’s primary responsibility is to analyse system malfunctions and make repairs under tight schedules, working independently at times. 

We qualify and quantify all warranty claims that arise, ensuring the claims are genuine and attended to with minimum downtime. At Herts we plan our working hours to inconvenience the customer as little as possible, while always working in the most cost effective manner.  

Herts Mechanical gather information and perform failure analyses of components and materials as and when required. HMHS works with the projects, installation, commissioning and maintenance teams to ensure failed parts are returned with proper information and verify that all new equipment information is captured in our system for future warranty tracking.

Put your mind to rest knowing we maintain proper maintenance records (manual or computerised) that will comply with manufacturer and parts suppliers' warranty requirements. We also review maintenance records and warranty records of equipment under warranty to detect failure trends, establish product defects and take appropriate actions to correct the problems.

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