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Control Upgrades

Action control upgrades to either your carousel, conveyor system, or mechanical handling system are available through Herts' electricians. Small safety modifications can be made, such as a door which is programmed to close in the event of a fire or complete overhauls available as a bespoke service. 

Control safety upgrades are available to any machine, even though older carousels and mobile racking are most common.  Many companies will offer safety upgrades.  Please be aware that it is your responsibility to research your technician of choice, as many do not follow proper procedures nor are in line with country legislation.

Modifying a safety circuit is a very easy way of preparing your machine for an upgrade. Without this modification no other upgrades are possible and this is especially true of older machines. HMHS electricians are equipped to fully upgrade your older machines to current health and safety legislation with the addition of a new safety circuit.

Give us a call today to discuss the details that may be involved with your equipment. Our promise is to offer you an honest and knowledgeable solution at a fair price.

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